ShopLocalNow Save up to 50% off
on Gift Certificates!

ShopLocalNow FAQ Client Questions:

What if I already have my own website?
Then you're in good company! A majority of businesses already have their own website. We place a direct link from our site your website, driving additional traffic to the website you worked so hard to build.

What if I've tried other programs just like yours and they didn't work for me?
We are completely unique from other programs as we are connected to newspapers across Canada and are functioning in a trusted environment. ShopLocalNow does not go beyond a 50% discount, and therefore protects your bottom line. We limit the amount of certificates sold. You are in control! You can also down load your own certificates and push product and inventory when you feel necessary. Or, you can call us and we can do it for you! On top of that this program also features a fully integrated social media component. You may have also participated in other certificate programs, but ShopLocalNow is totally different. NO 85%-95% discounts, limited amount of certificates sold, no gimmicks, not a once or twice a month Deal of the Day stunt- just great deals for customers every day, and 24/7 exposure for you online.

What if I am already using another program?
They might help bring in a portion of your business, and we want to help you bring in even more.

Why should I use your system? I don't need help getting new business. Business is going well.
Each week that goes by you lose customers not due to anything that you are doing, but because people move, they get transferred, or a new business is built near them and that becomes their favorite. For every customer you lose, let us help bring in a new customer. Saskatoon is rapidly expanding both in population and in new business development which makes it more important than ever to make sure you’re top of mind with both new comers and long time residents who are all being wooed by an increasingly competitive retail market.

Is there a limit to participating businesses?
There is no limit to participating businesses, actually the more involvement the better for you. It means consumers will return each week for more purchasing if the selection is plentiful. If we think our visitors will want to purchase a product or service we’ll make it available.

What is the length of my commitment?
8 weeks. At any point you can extend the commitment beyond the initial 8 weeks.

Will there be a limit to the number of certificates sold each week?
We are currently opening everything up to $100, $50 and $25 denominations.

Can I put restrictions on my gift certificates?
Certainly, however we advise that you keep restrictions to a minimum so that you generate as much purchase activity as possible.